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Digital Supply Chain / Platform & Delivery Services

Imagion is not only one of the very few Apple Preferred Plus Encoding Houses, Netflix Preferred Vendor (NPV) and premium supplier of many major platforms (Amazon Video, Google Play, …) – we are your reliable partner for your content for all output devices. Serving as a one-stop-shop solution for our clients, we make sure that we can handle it all with one master, one QC and one set of metadata.

Metadata Creation

Most core assets today come with masses of metadata such as language packages, subtitles, special features and background material. We know how to handle all those value added items and provide our own database and archive facilities. Our media server tool: James, provides a wide range of functions to organize ancillary content and control all adaptions or to place orders. James itself acts like a courier by providing you and your suppliers with a simple and secure infrastructure to interact with.

Quality Control

With detailed QC reporting, Imagion AG invented several quality control systems and tools to create the most efficient workflow. This enables us to offer high-level quality assurance for your asset ingest, output and delivery. We discover the flaws before they become a problem – thus avoiding embarrassing, money losing, time-consuming rejections.

Digital / Physical Storage

Imagion has heavily invested in building up a robust storage and archiving solution for our clients. Our system – powered by Quantum – is a high performance media storage and archive solution that allows for high volume output and fast turnaround. Managed by our James software – including reliable, scalable and secure archiving, we make it safer and easier for you to manage your data assets.

Digital Transcoding / Encoding

Content conversion and digital compression technologies allow us to transform media into the digital format you need. We process the specifications of all major platforms or output channels. Imagion AG will consistently deliver high quality encodes for all physical media and digital platforms. Our reputation for excellence in QC, encoding and delivery earned us our Apple preferred partner and Netflix preferred vendor status.

Music Blu-ray & DVD

Most of Germany’s frontline audiovisual music releases have included the involvement of Imagion. Artists like Max Herre, Herbert Grönemeyer, Nena and many others have chosen us as their trusted partner. With our 5.1 Mastering expertise in Classical, Pop and Rock projects we offer the hands-on production that artists, labels and record companies are looking for.

For many international clients like Winland IFC in Beijing, China we are executive producers of their live events and concerts on DVD and Blu-ray – from content creation to distribution.

iTunes LP / iTunes Extras

Starting with iTunes Extras and LPs we have brought interactivity to the digital supply chain. Features like bonus content, lyrics, games and internet-links are transferred to the digital platforms to enhance your assets. Make your content more attractive by adding all the bells and whistles your clients have come to expect from replicated media! Click here to access our iTunes Extras / LP microsite.

Blu-ray & DVD

Starting back in 1999 as one of the first authoring houses for DVD in Europe, Imagion offers the complete range of authoring services for blu-ray and dvd releases. We start by consulting with you to plan your project.  Menu design, authoring & encoding follows and then the big finish with final QC. With over 10,000 titles including international blockbusters like the James Bond Special Edition to corporate projects for Porsche and many others, we have the experience you demand in a production partner.