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we listen. we care. we deliver.

we listen. we care. we deliver.

Imagion AG – based in Trierweiler, Germany, is one of the leading independent content processing, enhancement and authoring studios in Europe. We have successfully produced thousands of DVD and Blu-ray titles for feature films, music titles, TV and B2B content and have delivered thousands of hours of content to all major platforms in the digital supply chain. Imagion‘s BD-Live content management system, called “dynamicHD”, is among the leading BD-Live solutions in the world and is currently being used on Blu-ray discs by many international content owners and film studios. We are also pioneers of new technologies like 3D Blu-ray and 4k content and are always at the forefront when it comes to working with new file formats, resolution possibilities or workflow optimizations. Our latest development “James” – an integrated content delivery dashboard, will take project management, content processing and delivery to the next level.

We listen. We care. We deliver.

“We listen. We care. We deliver”… three little words that mean so much in the digital entertainment world. At Imagion we believe in long term customer relationships built on trust, reliability and understanding in a constantly evolving world. 


At Imagion we offer a complete range of professional services tailored to your specific needs.


Imagion AG offers services to create nearly every product for the entertainment industry. Our creative and  technical departments  offer full-service for really “entertaining” output.


Our high quality content delivery success rates and our dedication to stringent QC practices  make us the perfect partner for companies in the Entertainment sector. We have always understood and embraced the importance of diligent QC testing of all assets that pass through our doors. Through careful development and training we have amassed a vast network of experienced, secure, QC professionals who can be called upon at any moment to handle high volume injestion events.

This dedication to high-level internal and external quality assurance has been recognized and rewarded; Imagion AG is certified by several platforms and media channels as the preferred vendor or premium partner.
We can proudly say that we have never hesitated to lead the way on all major formats like DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray (and also some less successful ones like DVD Audio, UMD and HD-DVD). Our own development in BD-live technology “dynamicHD” is still the leading framework with millions of web-enabled discs in the market.

For the digital supply chain we were among the first to be certified by Apple for iTunes (also for LP and Extras), Netflix, Google and many others. Most of those certificates are set as preference or premium states.

Our own turnkey solution “James” will take content processing and delivery for the digital supply chain to the next level.

About Us


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